Workforce Planning For Nuclear Energy Programs

Step 1: Define The Nuclear Energy Program

For a country to start their workforce planning they need to first define their nuclear energy program. Once those questions have been answered, the scale of each program element also needs to be defined.

  • Will they be extracting uranium in their country or buying it from another country?
    • Volumn
    • Duration
    • Disposition
  • Will they first build a research reactor and where will it be?
    • Nuclear Research
    • Capacity Building/Training and development
  • Will they do medical isotope production at the research reactor?
    • Types of Isotopes
    • Quantities
    • National use and/or export
  • Will they do electric power production?
    • Volume (Number of GigaWatts)
    • Location of NPP(s)?
  • How will they deal with the spent fuel?
    • Return to Source Country?
    • Interim Storage?
    • Long-Term Repository?
  • How will they approach regulation?
    • Prescriptive?
    • Performance-Based?

Step 2: Identify Requirements & Conduct A Gap Assessment

  • Identify HR requirements to support the selected program elements
  • Identify national capabilities
  • Conduct a Gap Analysis to determine Capacity Building needs vs. national capability
  • Identify approaches to close the gaps
  • Determine needs for external support
    • TSOs
    • Enhanced/expanded educational programs
    • External support from vendor host country
  • Develop on-going programs to ensure long-term capability
  • Identify costs of gap closures, external support, and long-term capability
  • Identify sources for funding

Workforce Planning Is The Process of Ensuring An Organization Has
Right Number of The Right People in The Right Place at The Right Time

First the objectives of the program must be identified. Using those objectives, determine the HR needs of the program. Then compare the HR needs of the program to the resources that are available by completing a Gap Analysis. In doing a Gap Analysis, you will find that certain areas (or gaps) will not be filled by available resources. The next step is to determine if these gaps can be addressed and how they can be addressed. Using this information, create a workforce plan. As the environment changes, update and change the workforce plan to reflect those changes.

Just like a nuclear power plant, Human Resources have a life cycle:

  • Recruit
  • Hire
  • On-Board
  • Train
  • Qualify
  • Develop
  • Retain
  • Release

Workforce Planning For Nuclear Energy Programs | Goodnight Consulting


“Lead Time” Planning

“Lead Time” Planning is needed to develop the organization and the operating organization’s personnel requirements. Detailed staffing plans must be designed to support program milestones and training/development lead times. The input sources of personnel must be planned and accounted for in an integrated workforce plan. Organizational development is required, focusing on the initial nuclear organization and the final plan.

  • An initial organizational model and a final organizational model are needed
  • These organizational models also require migration plans and detailed staffing information

Workforce Planning For Nuclear Energy Programs | Goodnight Consulting

You can read Chuck’s full presentation here.


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