Under Staffing Case Study

Under Staffing Case Study | Goodnight Consulting Blog

“I think I might be low in on-shift operators”

This was the first thing our client told us in his new role, which put him in charge of a major fleet of generating assets.  We conducted a detailed assessment of staffing and organizational models for this client, and learned that his hypothesis was correct.  They were understaffed in several key areas, including Operations.


It happens more often than you would think

This does happen from time to time.  Experienced operators, wanting to leave the grind of shift life, move to other positions.  While having people with Operations experience in other positions is great, it is also important to remember to “feed the pipeline” and continue recruiting and training new operators.  As we discussed in a prior blog post, Operations is one of the functions where top performing plants maintain above average headcounts.  These Top Performers know that individuals with operations experience will be valuable for their site for decades.


We can help you

After completing the analysis, we were asked us to provide direct labor support to the newly-formed recovery team. We provided a group of experts with various skills needed by the client for over a year. ​The skills included organizational development, project management, single point vulnerability analysis, and program management. Our experts supported implementation of the client’s recovery plan.  Goodnight Consulting has a large team of subject matter experts, project managers, program managers, and executive level consultants that we apply to meet our clients’ needs.  For more information visit GoodnightConsulting.com/Experts


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