The 12 Areas of Organizational Culture: Standardization

An organization’s effectiveness is a reflection of it’s culture. This blog series will explore the 12 areas of cultural assessment that Goodnight Consulting has developed to evaluate an organization’s culture. To watch the overview video, go here.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

The 12 Areas of Organizational Culture: Standardization | Goodnight Consulting

Defining Questions

Are processes, procedures, organization structures, position titles, and pay scales standard across the organization?

Are employees following established, standard approaches?

Life is uncertain enough already.

A standardized organization operates in a consistent fashion. Employees in a standardized organization know what to expect, and what is expected of them. A highly standardized organization will reduce costs, operate more efficiently, and be nimbler in executing change than an organization lacking standardization. Those organizations who emphasize standardization are more likely to see the benefits of process optimization than those who do not. They will also have an easier time improving, as improvements will impact the entire organization rather than just the few areas where improvements are focused.

Standardization also allows the movement of personnel within, or across, an organization, without requiring retraining. Standardization of processes also increases safety performance, as employees are less distracted by variations from what they have seen before.

A lack of standardization, on the other hand, creates confusion, inefficiency, uncertainty, and ultimately adds cost and burden to the organization. Change can be painful, and there will often be headwinds when an organization lacking standardization seeks to become more standardized. However, a brief period of change is preferable to the atmosphere of uncertainty and frustration that persists in an unstandardized setting.

Ways to Improve Standardization

Develop common terms within your organization.

Develop, utilize, and improve upon common processes and procedures.

Conduct periodic standardization reviews; hold people accountable for a lack of adherence.

Goodnight Consulting maintains a confidential, proprietary database of cultural assessments, which we use to develop benchmarks for our clients. Our evaluations are based on decades of experience in the utility industry. If you find that your organization is weak in one of our 12 areas, please contact us to learn how we can help you improve.

12 Areas of Culture

Goodnight Consulting has identified 12 areas of culture that help define a successful organization. You can read about the other areas of culture here.


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