Our US Nuclear Plant Staffing Database Benefits the Entire Industry

Our US Nuclear Plant Staffing Database Benefits the Entire Industry | Goodnight Consulting

Goodnight Consulting has tracked staffing in the US Nuclear power industry since we opened our doors in 2001. This is one of several electric power industry databases we maintain. Our staffing database includes information about employee as well as contractor head counts by job function. We collect this information from various sources including client engagements and our annual staffing survey.

Most of the information comes from participants in our annual survey

Every year, members of Goodnight Consulting’s data analysis team conduct an annual survey of US Nuclear Plant staffing. We collect raw staffing and contractor data from US nuclear plants. Most companies have unique job titles and organizational structures, which presents a challenge for comparing information from different companies. We deal with this challenge by converting all the data to common job functions within our database. Because the data comes in many different forms, this conversion process can be time-consuming, requiring back and forth interaction with knowledgeable employees. However, contributors continue supporting our efforts year after year because of the insights gained from the survey results.

Participation has benefits

Participants in our annual survey receive early access to our annual staffing newsletter. This newsletter covers critical trends and topics pertinent to the industry. We also offer some participants more detailed information upon request via special presentations. After years of offering this complimentary service to the industry, participants know they can trust us to keep their proprietary information secure. Many participants recognize that supporting our annual survey helps the entire industry.

Our staffing database is valuable to the global nuclear power industry

Our staffing database provides a comprehensive look across the entire US nuclear industry. Because we update the database annually, we also track industry trends. This unique perspective is valuable to nuclear power companies both inside the United States and overseas. Most benchmarking in the US nuclear power industry is done either via peer-to-peer interactions between companies, or through industry-sponsored intermediaries. As an independent third party, we can act as a neutral arbiter who both keeps this proprietary data secure, and who can invest the time required to ensure that the data is accurate.

Customized staffing benchmarks offer an unparalleled perspective

For those seeking more detailed information, we can generate customized benchmarks . These benchmarks are created by comparing client sites to other similar industry sites. This is a service we have provided to nearly every nuclear company in the US industry. Our benchmarking has been used to drive positive change for clients faced with many different challenges.

Benchmarking is only the beginning

There are many other useful applications of our staffing database beyond staffing benchmarking:

As a basis for O&M cost comparisonsAs an assessment tool to identify challenges in different process areasTo support new plant designers to better account for ongoing O&M requirementsTo help international stand-alone operators who lack comparison dataTo help international nuclear new build organizations develop detailed plans to prepare for future operations

We are grateful to all the participants in our staffing survey, and believe it is used in a way that benefits both the participants, and the global nuclear power industry. To receive a copy of our latest US nuclear industry staffing newsletter, subscribe to our free blog.


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