Industry Top Performers

In 2015, Goodnight Consulting developed a new metric to evaluate the best performing nuclear sites in the US Industry. Top Performers have better than average performance for all of three critical areas:

1. Average Staff/MWe (Costs)

2. 3-year (‘13-’15) Average Capacity Factor (Performance)

3. 3-year (‘13-’15) Cumulative Quarterly ROP Score (Compliance)

For 2016, we identified 22 Top Performer nuclear sites:

Industry Top Performers | Goodnight Consulting

Top Performing plants are those which are able to balance staffing (the most significant O&M cost element), performance, and compliance most effectively. Centralization and standardization are two factors that increase the ability to do so. This is reflected by the fact that most Top Performers are 2-Unit Plants and also in fleets.


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