How Goodnight Consulting Has Helped the Nuclear Industry in the US and Throughout The World

In my last post I shared what we have seen as we have traveled the world.  In today’s post I want to talk about:

2.What we have done in the industry to help the U.S. market at home, and throughout the world by Bringing the Nuclear World Together

In our years of meeting with international nuclear newcomer program directors, there was a realization that ‘they did not know what they did not know’.  There was often a large gap in information and knowledge transfer.  At the time, none of the nuclear information conferences provided a start to finish program overview to provide newcomer countries an idea of what nuclear power really required. 

We wanted to offer a living program for newcomer countries to find out what the real level of investment was in terms of time and resources necessary for a nuclear program.   We also wanted to find a way to extract the vast amount of knowledge and experience that was potentially being lost from the labor pool retiring from the industry.  The beginning of our giving back to the industry became a multiple year endeavor, Bringing the Nuclear World Together, delivered through the New Nuclear International Conference (NNIC) series.

We were very fortunate to team with the Government of the United Arab Emirates and the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), whose vision and transparency allowed us to share their program with the world.  Thus, the NNIC series was born.  This was the first of three NNIC conferences we held highlighting International Nuclear Newcomer Country programs with U.S. and international participation from nuclear experts.  We were privileged to bring them together to discuss key elements of programs and discuss lessons learned.  You can find out more about the series here.

In my final blog post I will talk about what you can do to leave a legacy of your own.


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