CNO Top Concerns Survey

CNO Top Concerns Survey | Goodnight Consulting

Goodnight Consulting recently surveyed Chief Nuclear Officers (CNOs) at U.S. nuclear power companies. We asked them to identify their top 5 concerns, after nuclear and personnel safety. The survey form listed sixteen potential areas for the CNOs to rank, and also provided five blank lines for write-in responses. Equipment reliability was consistently identified as the top concern after analyzing the responses using several different approaches. The next four top concerns, in order by their weighted rank, were 2) Cost management, 3) Human Performance, 4) Personnel Retirement Attrition, and 5) An Unstable Regulatory Environment. Beyond the top five concerns, the sixth and seventh ranked issues were, respectively, a Lack of a Clear Energy Policy and Outage Performance.

Find out more about the survey by reading the full CNO Top Concerns Survey


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