Case Study: Optimizing Human Resource Application

Optimizing Human Resource Application | Goodnight Consulting

Optimizing Human Resource Application | What We Did

Goodnight Consulting was hired to conduct a staffing assessment of a single-unit nuclear power plant. Using our 45 standard nuclear staffing functions, we assessed the client’s staffing and organizational models and provided industry benchmarks. The client’s total staffing was within 1% of the total benchmark. However, functional staffing varied more significantly. In some cases, the functional variances were more than 25%.

Some staffing functions were “overstaffed” and some were “understaffed” relative to industry benchmarks. While total staffing appeared appropriate, functional staffing variations provided clear indications of challenges that the plant was experiencing. From our decades of experience, we have concluded that staffing is a symptom of prior strategies, decisions, and conditions. We identified process related challenges that reflected the site’s staffing levels.

Optimizing Human Resource Application | We Can Help You Too

You can read more about why Nuclear Plant staffing is a symptom, not a solution, here. Goodnight Consulting can assist you in doing a staffing assessment of your site. To contact us for more information, go here.


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