Becoming A Knowledgeable Customer

Define the scope of the Nuclear Energy Program

  • Nuclear Energy Program Scope
    • Technology Development/ R&D
    • Power production
    • Uranium mining/processing
    • Fuel production/Reprocessing
    • Jobs Creation/Employment
    • Etc.
  • Owner/Operating Scope/Approach
    • Will the O/O approach be a division of a parent company, a wholly owned subsidiary, a JV, and OpCo, etc

Determine In-House/Outsourcing Approach

The operating organization needs to determine what functions can be performed with its own personnel, and then identify potential sources for outsourcing the remainder. Determine how much support is needed/desired from Reactor Vendor, Turbine/Generator Vendor, other suppliers, etc. Consult with other owner operators for references
and experience.

Identify the Competencies Required

These are many unique functions which will need to be performed, each with its own competency requirements (most are not technical nuclear competencies). Those competencies are driven by:

  • The final nuclear energy program scope
  • The operating organization approach/structure
  • Finalization of the in-house vs. outsourcing plans

Identify Sources of Competencies

  • Existing power generation facilities (thermal, hydro, etc.) – These organizations have operators, maintenance technicians, engineers, etc.
  • Nuclear NSSS and turbine/generator Vendors
  • Other system/component suppliers and service providers
  • Technical Support Organizations (TSOs) such as training organizations
  • Consultant firms and individual subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • International/National/Local Universities
  • International/National/Local Technical Training organizations

Develop & Define Training Approaches

  • Who will provide the training? Initially the supplying vendors will provide training:
    • Reactor Vendor
    • Turbine/Generator
    • System/Component Suppliers
  • They will train your personnel (“train the trainer”)
  • They will also provide training support in the early phases
  • The training and training support should be explicit in contracts, with schedule milestones and claims management terms (i.e., what happens if the vendor is late or non-conforming?)
  • IAEA recommends O/O’s develop & maintain a Systematic Approach to Training (SAT)
  • Many country’s nuclear regulatory bodies require a certified/accredited training program; this will be an important early activity in the development of the operating organization

Develop & Define Qualification Approaches

  • Determine who will identify / develop qualification requirements
    • Regulatory body
    • Operating Organization
    • National Labor Law
    • International / National Standards
      • ISO
      • ANSI
      • ASME
      • Etc.
  • Determine who will apply/oversee the implementation of qualification requirements
    • Regulatory Body
    • Operating Organization
    • National labor law
    • Supplying vendors
    • Others

You can read Chuck’s entire presentation here.


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