A Note to Current and Future Clients on Goodnight Consulting’s “DNA”

A Note to Current and Future Clients on Goodnight Consulting’s “DNA” | Goodnight Consulting

During a speech at a recent utility industry conference an executive told the audience, “If you have a more efficient method, a way to help us save on our bottom line, I want to hear from you.” He was soliciting the intellectual horsepower in the room, pleading with the vendors to think outside the box to help him improve his bottom line. He happens to be a nuclear utility executive, an industry currently facing significant headwinds. Clients with big challenges like his are exactly who Goodnight Consulting has served for nearly two decades. Our clients are often in a state where improvements are needed.

“We haven’t had time to pursue this problem”

We just completed the spring conference circuit where many people asked us “what do you do?” We reminded these people that our slogan is “Powering Improvement.” Reducing costs and making utilities more efficient is what we do. We help struggling utilities improve by attacking the problems they lack the time or expertise to pursue on their own. A key ingredient to our success is that we have spent years assembling a team with the ideal blend of skills best positioned to serve you.

A team built with you in mind

Rather than hiring people straight out of business school, most of our team members have decades of experience, often at the executive level. Our engagement teams feature some of the best and brightest industry experts that can be found anywhere. You have unique challenges, so even though our methods are steeped in industry best practices, we understand you need more than just “what the other guys are doing.” We provide what you need to get to the root of the problem to fix what is troubling you.

Do you have the right headcount? How about next year?

One of the services we are best known for is assessing staffing requirements for generation facilities at all different phases of the life cycle-from new build, to operations, to decommissioning. We collect and evaluate the staffing data for the U.S. electric power industry. We have helped many utilities worldwide evaluate their programs, save on their bottom line, work with future attrition, and remove costly and unnecessary overheads. We have also developed models for brand new designs that are coming or are now on line.

Attacking the problem, not your budget

We understand that the time and resources of our clients are finite. We often work on fixed scope, fixed price engagements that are completed quickly. This helps our clients answer their questions quickly, efficiently, and for a reasonable price. We provide cost effective tools and methods for industry executives to save on their bottom line. Contact us and let us show you how we can help you improve.

Thank you for your trust and support,

Paris Goodnight

CEO Goodnight Consulting


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